I’m feeling rather Compassionate About President Trump

As time staggers forward, I’m beginning to get a clearer understanding of this man who became POTUS. And I’m feeling nothing but compassion for him. Listen for a few minutes while I give you an alternative perspective of the man.

I think he was raised by people who didn’t actually care about him and certainly didn’t care for him. He may argue against that, but I think he’d be wrong. In my opinion, he’s roughly four years old — emotionally speaking — and has lived his whole life that way. I think, emotionally, he never grew up.

Think about that for a few minutes. Do you remember what it was like to be a four year old? How you relied on everyone for almost everything? And when you didn’t get your way, you threw a fit. Depending on your parents and other elder family members, they brought you slowly to the realization that the world doesn’t revolve around you and they showed you how to be mature, by responding to your selfishness with some amount of giving, some amount of compassion and a bit of negative feedback to spur you forward into growth.

I don’t think the POTUS got any of that. I think he stopped maturing because there was no one to be the grown up for him. He had no example to follow.

I think he developed this blustery personality as a survival mechanism, as a way to protect himself and to get what he wanted. I can’t know the details, but if you look at his actions and mostly at his reactions, you can see the spoiled four year old who is simultaneously hurt by people’s words and actions and angered by the disrespect that they show.

Both feelings are real and as someone who has never seen what a healthy response to juvenile emotions are, he simply responds in the way a four year old might with a verbal flick of the middle finger and an attempted shouting match.

I have observed that people naturally attract people of the same emotional maturity into their lives. It’s automagic. Donald Trump is no exception. He’s surrounded by emotionally immature, but rather intelligent people who are very often lead around by their emotions, like he is. The only human quality I have seen Mr. Trump prize is loyalty. He seems to do anything for loyalty, and to people who are loyal he seems to be very loyal. Everything else he does is unrelated to anything. He does what he does to get what he wants, just like any four year old. Loyalty is the only grown up thing he really groks.

In this presidential game, he’s playing with more mature individuals and he is at a complete loss. He cannot compete because they can all simply press his buttons and get him to do whatever they want. He has become a predictably controllable individual and those he trusts most are the biggest abusers because he sees them as loyal so he maintains loyalty to them. Since they are emotionally similar to him, they are selfishly motivated as well.

He doesn’t care about anyone or anything else and it shows. His priorities are those of a four year old: what I want and what my loyal friends want.

Do you remember how painful your teenage years were? Most of us remember that. We don’t often remember how painful our first six or eight years were, but they were the same or even more painful than the teenage years. Then there were the high school years, the college years, the marriage and family years. Each of those caused massive growth, massive evolution of our human spirit, and massive amount of pain to undergo for that growth. Mr. Trump has not gone through most of that. He has stayed child-like with childish demeanor, childish mechanisms for self determination, and childish desires as his primary motivation.

Just try to imagine the four year old version of yourself trying to cope with the job: POTUS. Could you do it? Of course not. In order to be POTUS you must have a very mature attitude otherwise the pressure, the confusion, the power, hell everything about it would cause you do act out, which is exactly what we’re seeing. He is unequivocally incapable of dealing with the job he has gotten himself.

The job of POTUS is hard enough for people who plan and prepare, but for someone who doesn’t have an emotional foundation on which to build, it is impossible to plan and prepare. He doesn’t respond well because all he knows is reaction.

I wish everyone would show him a little compassion and instead of being childish back to him, which is what many are doing right now, I wish we’d become parental, put ourselves into his place and try to help him because he needs it right now, otherwise there’s going to be an unhealthy outcome to this unhealthy situation.

So simply put, we need to grow up. If for no other reason than to demonstrate how its done for others, for those who are on the same level as the POTUS, like the folks that voted for him.