My Old Dog And New Tricks

I paid a fortune for this dog. Some idiot shot him. Some mean spirited ignorant bastard shot him.

The dog’s name is BJ. His owner was a homeless man who lived in a tepee of Budlight billboard material wrapped around wooden posts. He had no electricity, no water, not much of anything.The man was known as Duck.

He had worked for a pharmaceutical company that experimented on animals. The company was experimenting on baby ducks, killing them daily. One day he snapped and busted out all the ducklings. Hundreds of baby duckslings running the streets set free, like the kid in ET letting the frogs loose.

After that he left the world we all know and turned his back on civilization. After that they called him Duck.

Duck lived without a single slice of the modern world . He lived in a Budlight tepee. He rolled cheap tobacco into loose cigarettes and smoked them to the nub with needle nose pliers.

BJ, his dog, was abandoned and homeless, so Duck took him in. BJ is the smartest dog l’ve ever known. BJ understands English. Not here boy, fetch boy, but sentences and nuances and even facial expressions.

I got to know Duck and BJ because I hunt in marshes near where Duck pitched his Budlight tepee. When BJ was shot, the veterinarian in the closest town with a vet told Duck he would have to put him to sleep. A big city surgeon could possibly save him, but the surgery would cost thousands of dollars. Duck didn’t ask me. I heard what happened and didn’t think twice about paying to save BJ. He wasn’t my dog but I loved him.

I paid the surgeon and he saved the dog. It made me happy. I loved BJ. He wasn’t my dog but I knew him and he knew me. We were good friends.

Duck died. Just the other day. He was estranged from his children and his family. His children were engineers and executives. His brother was a doctor.

So now I have BJ. He’s a country dog, Alpha Mo Fo, pappy of half the dogs in the county. Now he’s in a rich folks subdivision in the big city. Manicured lawns and hedges and rules and regulations.

So now I got some figuring to do. He’s my best friend and I want the best for him. Pretty certain he doesn’t care much for the restraints of the big city. But, I’m his best friend.

#justice for BJ

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