Creating a new social network start-up

There are a huge amount of start-ups that flounder and never really get off the ground. Then there are those few nuggets that sell for a gazillion dollars. What is it that makes one soar and the other sink?

When I tell people I’m thinking about starting up yet another social network I’m told there is no way it can succeed, “It has been solved. You have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. etc., not even Google could do one with all the resources they have. There are tons of them, we don’t need another one”.

What people fail to realize is that it’s not done. The idea of sharing pictures, messages, video and who knows what else is pretty much done. Let’s get the record straight, I also believe doing JASN (Just Another Social Network) is not a good thing to start working on now. Before I start though I do need to answer the question why did Google+ failed. Well the answer is simple, it didn’t give us anything new and Facebook had all the momentum. The guys at Google for all their “googly smartness” failed to recognize the fact that they had to in some way be disruptive, they did it with search (the unique algorithm to surface better results) and Gmail (an unheard amount of free storage) but they failed to do something disruptive when it came to the social network realm.

So what is it that I’m going to do that is so different? Well I am going to keep that under wraps for now but what I did want to do is write some articles about a lonely engineer writing such an application from scratch part time while raising three small kids and the various technology decisions and road bumps encountered along the way.

I hope that you enjoy the journey and that these articles will serve well as a corporate diary of sorts so that future entrepreneurs will be able to use them as a guide when they decide to do something similar.

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