The case FOR and AGAINST ‘branding’

We live in a world where how you present something is becoming increasingly important. It’s always been but there seems to be a more conscious and aggressive effort towards it. This is great. It’s important that you or what you’re offering look like who or what is needed. The challenge with branding is that it can’t keep. No matter how beautifully wrapped a carton is, if and when it is opened, it is empty, the interest inevitably drops (unless of course, the idea is to be empty). Regardless of the awesomeness of the car advert, if you get there and you lift the hood and there’s no engine, you will not buy. As a person, our charisma and eloquence is wonderful but the fact remains you can’t do what you can’t do. There’s nothing wrong with building the brand and the content at the same time but if any must lag behind, it should be the branding. This is why you generally do not see ad campaigns for January, 2018 products in February, 2017 (movies are the exception). If for some reason this is done, it is usually made clear that it is in the ‘coming soon’ category.

This is because proper branding will surely attract but a lack of content will most certainly repel.

While this seems to be about branding, the bigger message is to be a person of value, not a waste of time.

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