The realities for entrepreneurship in emerging markets

The Differences between emerging markets and developing markets that struck home with me during module 2 was the huge foot print that emerging markets had on local communities and how big the impact is on the economy.

How quickly growth in emerging markets can uplift and create jobs namely growing working populations. Its awesome.

The differences of the two can be discussed around:




Developed economy and structures

Economic Security

Ease of moving capital

Foreign investment

The problems facing the above areas in emerging markets make it so exciting as we can start to formulate Ideas around solutions in order to grow a Business in those economies. I will look to identify problems as that is where opportunities and ideas lie.

I am a little scared after going through this module as I have identified the areas in my field where problems lie and now need to formulate ideas as to overcome these.

Going through the material there are some really insightful questions to ask when looking for an economy to invest in. I still have a lot of research to do and this will be an on going learning curb for me. I like to read articles 3 or 4 times and really take my time to let things sink in.

The articles are giving me more insight in emerging markets and giving me talking points to discuss with peers. It has been a fantastic week.