Even though it is one of the most widely unacceptable social practices that exists in the world today, communism is still one of the most important social theories that is in the world today. Marx created the idea of Communism to help reduce, and or completely dismiss, the social hierarchy. The idea that nobody is richer than the other, everyone receives the same amount no matter the amount of work that a single person puts in a certain area.

Marx believed that capitalism would eventually fail due to the inequalities that he thought existed (Introduction to Sociology 2e Pg. 20). As much as communism was believed to succeed in the modern world, it did quite the opposite. In 1991, communism ended and the USSR cease to exist ( But, even with the fall of communism and the fall of the USSR, it still exists to this day. Five countries in the modern world still believe, and act, in the communist system: Vietnam, Laos, Cuba, North Korea, and China (

Personally, I believe that communist ideals are starting to have an effect on the United States during one of the most volatile times in our nation’s history. The government is trying to make everything equal for everyone. I understand the idea that everyone should have an equal opportunity to succeed, but does that mean if you do not try to work to achieve your goals, you should just be given everything that you need. The American Dream is all about hard work and you will reach your ultimate goal, not slacking and then the government gives you what you want. Communism is an unfortunate idea, that I believe personally, will never work in history. They basis that everyone should be equal and everyone receives equal amounts is not plausible because it reduces the need for people to work hard and earn what they need.

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