Unethical Experiment

The social experiments from Unit 2 are very disturbing and make a person think about the ethics of research involving human participants. Personally, I do believe the Milgram Experiment is unethical because it was placing participants in uncomfortable positions in which they believe they are harming another individual. From what I watched in the video the participants were reluctant in their actions, but at the same time you sympathize with them because their only way of escaping the situation was to continue with the experiment. Even though the experiment did not actually involve physical harm of an individual, the emotional and psychological damage on the person would be long lasting.

The Zimbardo Experiment, or Stanford Prison Experiment, was one of the worst and most unethical experiments that I read about. It involved the physical, emotional, and psychological abuse of people who thought of this as an easy way to make fifteen dollars per day. He allowed for the degradation of a person’s psyche causing multiple emotional breakdowns. I believe this was not science, rather some sadistic game.

Personally, I believe that the results found by these two experiments were not worth the abuse that the people endured. Rather than learning about the human mind and its tendencies, they damaged many people, both physically and psychologically. Research in should always be watched as not to endanger human life, which is most precious of all.

If I were a professional sociologist I would want to research the effects of the removal of social media from today’s youth. I find this interesting because today’s culture is so reliant on their social media as a way to stay in contact with people, I would want to see how they would react in an environment in which they had no access to social media, rather had to go through human interaction to receive their desired information. When walking through the streets today, a person sees children of all ages “glued” to their phones, iPads, iPods, any electronic device. But is it possible that these devices rather than connecting us are actually tearing us apart due to the fact the remove that essential part of human interaction.