Do you see this getting smaller, or larger?

Power of people. Power in a person

I don’t usually take on politics (and publicly too) but recent events has really highlighted to me the power of people. The most prominent event that comes to mind is of course US 2016 presidential election with the victory of Donald Trump.

But this is not a post about Trump, it’s not a post about some establishment, political ideologies, left-wing right-wing discourse, none of that. I want to take a moment to look into the masses and its parts, the individuals.

Whatever theory you subscribe to with regard to 2016 US election’s outcome, we can all agree on this one point: had people not voted Trump then Trump wouldn’t have won the election. Quite the obvious observation. But beyond that observation is the fact that those people that voted for Trump were able to shake up the predictions and expectations of many and the political climate. The effects of their action were great. Their actions were powerful.

Now imagine if a person who voted for Trump didn’t vote for him. Would it have changed the outcome? It won’t considering the election outcome. What if thousands and thousands of people who voted didn’t vote instead? Would it have changed the outcome? Depends on how many. In hindsight we do know that there is a certain cutoff point at which Hillary would have won given that voters of Trump didn’t vote for him.

But at the beginning of the election nobody knew the outcome to an absolute certainty, and it is much harder to tell how many votes exactly would be needed for either to win. A person may think “How many votes will lead to a win? Will adding my vote mean victory? Is my vote even needed?”. It turns to a seemingly endless descent. I call it a Sorite-esque problem based on Sorite’s Paradox.

There are many such problems in each of our lives, some personal in nature and some are just, massive and grand in scale. Problems of equality, poverty, justice, world peace and war, discrimination, problems globally afflicting humanity, problems that just doesn’t seem to have an end to it. Faced with these Sorite-esque problem we often shrink back and resign ourselves to helplessness, or a feeling thereof.

But no matter how small each of our efforts are in the pile of actions and solutions, no matter how small of a grain you are, your effort does count and your effort can make a difference. Even if your action seems to be a long stretch from an actual solution, it doesn’t make it any less important. For every grain of solution presented and acted by each of us, it is an addition to the pile(s) of solutions out there.

Know this: your actions matter. It makes a difference, even if a small one. Each has the potential to be powerful, to invoke great impact. We all need to start believing in our potential and actions. Know that there is power within you to stir up change, to solve issues, to create a better place, to make life worth living for you and others.