by Gabe Luna-Ostaseski with insights from Jack O’Holleran, co-founder and CEO of SKALE Labs

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Image by Irfan Simsar via Unsplash

Technological advancements are impacting every industry and every business function within an organization.

It was only a matter of time before they impacted the business model foundation on which companies are based.

To explore this further, I recently caught up with Braintrust advisor Jack O’Holleran, to discuss the ways in which tech is empowering individuals to redesign the business model — and how that’s leading to exciting collaborations.

In addition to being the CEO and co-founder of SKALE Labs, Jack has also been an advisor to startups for more than 12 years. Much like many people in Silicon Valley, Jack transitioned into the startup and tech world after working within larger corporations earlier in his career. …

by Gabe Luna-Ostaseski, Co-founder and CRO, Braintrust

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Image by Zhang Kaiyv via Pexels

I’ve had my fair share of hourly jobs — from selling Christmas trees to making sandwiches and prepping takeout orders at Chevy’s.

While these roles were in different industries, they shared one common theme — misaligned incentives.

Despite the quality of work I put in, I was paid a flat hourly wage. As an ambitious and highly competitive person, this bothered me.

So, I went in search of stronger incentives, which is what drove me to my first job in sales, and later, to become an entrepreneur and investor.

The lesson learned? Incentives really matter — in fact, they drive everything around us. …

by Gabe Luna-Ostaseski, Co-founder, Braintrust Network

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Image by Christina Morillo via Pexels

When it comes to identifying the weak link in a system, outsiders often have a unique advantage.

Let’s say, for example, you’ve encountered a problem in a system you use every single day.

Your first reaction would be to create a fix for that problem so that you can keep business running as smoothly as possible. If you encounter the problem again, you improve upon your quick fix to avoid any further distractions.

But because an outsider can more easily view the entire system end-to-end, they’re able to re-envision a newer, better version that eliminates the recurrence of that problem altogether. Their new version may look very similar to the previous system, or, more likely, it may look entirely different, and create new unforeseen opportunities. …


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