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Exotic Hardwood Flooring Wood Species

Red Oak, Birch, Maple, Ash etc are some special species of exotic hardwood flooring. They have always been used for tropical wood furniture in the home across the US, and Europe. Here with this blog post, you will come to know about the most prominent hardwood flooring for sale.

Red Oak

Red Oak is the most popular hardwood species for its moderate-heavy graining with color variations. The color of Red Oak can be light creamy reddish pink or shaded brown. Oak is also known as the domestic wood species. It can be found by BTSG LTD Company with a variety of grades and widths. Buy Red Oak at a low price

White Oak

White Oak is slightly the same as the Red Oak. It has natural color of brown or golden with gray undertones. White Oak flooring takes stain colors evenly due to its harder grain. White Oak often has moderate linear graining with extreme color variations with exceptional stability.

Due to its great durability and stability, White Oak hardwood species are used to make boats, wooden flooring and wine barrels for the longer time period. It’s a great way to include a traditional touch to your home décor. Buy White Oak wood at an affordable price


Maple hardwood species are generally found in North America and Canada. This wood species can be seen in yellow color, white with the slightly shaded pattern. Maple hardwood graining is moderate light. Its flooring can contain the adequate brownish or black mineral streaks while clear grade maple has the least streaking.

Some cuts of Maple flooring contain a distinctive pattern of small marks looking like tiny eyes and hence these patterns are so-called Birdseye. Due to all these exclusive Maple hardwood features, it is renown to all woodworkers, especially in Europe, America, and Canada. Visit BTSG Ltd home centers for hardwood flooring for sale.

American Cherry

American Cherry Wood Flooring is a softer wood species rather than wood flooring. You would never find another wood species like American Cherry hardwood that has such a wonderful graining and graceful variations on color. Majority of house owners like to buy American Cherry hardwood species to use it for manufacturing tropical wood furniture and wider planks. It becomes more attractive with age to a deep reddish brown color. American cheery hardwood species with more quality features and color variations are available at BTSG Ltd largest lumberyard for hardwood flooring for sale


Birch hardwood species can be classified in two varieties of hardwood flooring — Yellow Birch and Red Birch flooring. Both yellow and red birch has moderate color variations. Its graining is extremely fine with uniform curls. Some boards may appear with little to no training at all. Majority of the firebrand of Birch hardwood is available for tropical wood furniture and exotic hardwood flooring. Birch is often used to make fine and attractive looking furniture and wood flooring due to its inexpensiveness. Birch hardwood is stable and extremely handy to work with. But it is hard to satin. Buy Birch wood at a low price


This is one of the most popular hardwoods that are easy to work with. It can be seen with white to pale brown in color with straight grain. Now, It is becoming harder and harder to find Ash hardwood for wood flooring. Hence, It can’t be available on local home centers. If you would like to buy Ash hardwood, you should visit the larger lumberyards. It is the best alternative to White Oak. Ash hardwood can dry by nature without any problem but you should avoid exposure to high temperatures.