Sales Reporting Automation

Why we built it and why you should really care about it

Sales is the only process no company can ignore to sustain in the market. You need more and more sales revenue years after years and to accomplish this need sales people.

As your sales team starts growing you need to distribute them in teams (locations wise, department wise or product wise), you need to hire managers to manage them and so on… adding more resources in your sales.

Bigger the team, more tedious is the job of handling them like their day end reporting (DSR), conveyance, productivity reports, attendance, which require more resources at the back office and increases the cost for the company.

Automation is the solution to bring down the company’s overheads and increase the productivity of the field staff.

For example in TeamSpoor app an on-field staff can log every visit in real time and their managers & seniors will get the report in real time along with the meeting status. This eliminates the need of filling up the daily report at the end of the day as everything is available to the management in real-time.

HR can get the reports related to attendance, distance traveled to calculate the employee salary.

Managers can generate reports about the team productivity, current location (for better lead assignment), route map (if on-field staff is indulged in delivery) or the current status of any team member like weather he is in meeting or travelling.

So, reporting automation not just only saves the time of the field staff, it will also increases their productivity.

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