Do you want a Virtual Visa card you do everything ?

Now we have cooperation with an international company to issue Visa cards charged any balance you want. We are not asking you to verify identity, the details of this card is as follows:

1.The card is valid for 1 year
2.The card has a balance of 5$ and you can be recharged any amount you want up 20000$ ( There are other cards you can request contains $ 2 credit and other cards contain a $ 1 credit )
3.Card is suitable for activating Paypal and withdraw the balance of Paypal & suitable for Facebook ads etc
4.The card can purchase them from any site web & receive the balance or profits from any site web
5.Can be charging via your bank account 
6. You can determine the currency card : ( $/€/£ )

To request the card, or for any inquiries, please enter our website: