How to talk about the new season of Game of Thrones without spoiling your friends.

“Not Today!” … Right? That’s a thing in the show?

Alright, I’ll admit. I’m not a Game of Thrones fan. I watched (fell asleep during) the first three episodes and just couldn’t get into it. Don’t judge.

But what little I do know about the show is:

  1. dragons
  2. kills off characters people love
  3. obligatory sex scenes
  4. people really don’t like getting spoiled about it on social media.

That last one is bold for a reason. You probably still remember which douche friend of yours posted “OMG, **** IS DEAD!?!” after last year’s finale before you had gotten a chance to watch.

The prevailing logic up to this point has always been ‘if you didn’t want to be spoiled, you would have watched it live.”

But that’s not true anymore.

Asynchronous viewing is the future of television. It’s now easier than ever to watch our favorite shows whenever we want. Young people are cutting their cable subscriptions in droves (or not getting one in the first place) and services like HBOGO/NOW are making it easier than ever to watch whenever it fits your schedule with nothing but an internet connection.

So spoiler alert: if spoiling the show you’re watching on social media was ever OK, it definitely isn’t anymore. If you post about the show you’re watching, prepare for a thousand scorns and social isolation for eternity.

But that response is not ideal either. TV fans want to express their excitement about the shows they love and enjoy these big TV moments with their peers. Don’t we want people to express themselves when they feel passionate? Don’t you love leading questions with only one reasonable answer?

Now that watching on demand is the norm, we needed a better way to enjoy these shows together, and not get spoiled if we don’t happen to be sitting in front of our TV at a specific time.

Enter our new app, Showgo.

Showgo lets you read and post comments at your exact moment in a TV show. And today, we announced that we will be adding the new season of Game of Thrones to the platform.

That means you can still shout from the rooftops when Cersei takes a nakey walk of shame (okay I saw that scene, obviously). You just won’t ruin the fun for anyone else.

And the best part is, everyone who watches the show after you will see your comments at the exact moment in the show you posted. No more ‘missing the boat’ with your show anymore. You can watch this new season of Game of Thrones live or a year later and still feel like everyone is watching along with you.

It’s the only way to enjoy the show with other people whenever you want, and it’s a meager $0.00 on the App Store .

If you see a spoiler about Game of Thrones posted to social media, reply with this article. Do it for your fellow Game of Thrones fans, to protect them from these treacherous spoilers. We can and will defeat these trolls once and for all.

I was told this was a troll photo from the Game of Throne.

-Bubba Fish @bubbathefish

Founder of Showgo

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