My Shady Life as an Underage Drinker
Nick Tucker

I always think about this as a health issue. Of course you deserve every right to feel and be an adult. Ultimately though people’s brains are still developing while you are in this age. I mean of course I’m not saying it will have extensive damaging repercussions but wouldn’t you rather not mess with your brain development at all. And maybe I can’t speak from experience of being left out like you say, because my friends were never the “drinking” kind back then. This never was a problem for me back then because I wasn’t interested in drinking and to this day I still don’t really imbibe alcohol. Regardless you have valid points especially the part that the government makes you feel like a child and doesn’t take you seriously. I agree with the argument of how are underage kids supposed to take the government seriously. Nick, thanks for writing this piece. I will surely pass this along to my underage friend who is thinking of getting a fake ID.