The Sacrifice of May Day

This May Day I’m expecting many people to stand against the status quo and fight for whatever ill they believe needs to be addressed and taken care of. This year many people will be protesting for the ills done to immigrants by the current Trump administration. The point of May Day for the recently past few years differs from person to person but a major point for me is to essentially dismantle the American economy by not going to work, not going to school, not going to the bank, not go out shopping, etc. It is to truly show the establishment that without the support of the people, the country reduces to nothing. This year I will not be going to work as I stated to my employer in a note because of the inadequate wages and benefits that me and many workers across the country face. I work in retail and I truly do everything I can to make the store organized, help and address the concerns of customers, and commit to daily upkeep of the store. Yet for all of my work my pay does not reflect my contribution. And when I asked for a raise and went through a performance review which deemed me an above average employee, I was met with only a couple measly cents. I was appalled and this issue quickly became personal. To my understanding most if not all of my co-workers simply don’t care about the politics regarding their pay. Although most of them are young (18–25) they will soon need to wise up and realize they must fight back to get what they deserve. Which brings me to my frustration of people not willing to stand up and think about others and join in on the boycott of business this May Day. When I asked my closest friends if they would join me in a march and not go to work for this upcoming Monday they either refused or simply did not respond. I try to be understanding but this truly affects me because I feel like they just don’t understand the importance of civil disobedience. And how by committing to ideals for a better outcome for individuals is the right thing to do. I feel that people just don’t want to commit. Nobody said change was going to come easy. One of my best friends specifically also refused to miss out on work because he said someone else will end up doing his work and in a lower capacity than if he would of done it. To me that is just trivial compared to the broader implication of disrupting his workplace and showing solidarity with the issues that Americans face all across this country. It is a constant struggle that tests your will and devotion. Womens’ right to vote did not come about in a day or a week and neither did civil rights for blacks in this country. I’m willing to sweat and bleed for the rights that we humans inherently should have. Change is worth whatever consequence befalls me and who ever else decides not to go to work this upcoming Monday. It is a series of steps that slowly gets you to change but the consequences of each set of steps is ultimately worth it in the end if not for your country, at least it will be good for your own soul.