Japanese Street Fashion — 10 Things You Need To Know in 2016
Tokyo Fashion

I’m going to talk about the decline in a lot of these fashions. I think it has to do with most of the people who were part of it when it was popular are older now. I know it’s a bit more common for there to be older people in these fashions in the west, mostly because it’s easier to afford when your older. Though there is still a lot of ageism in western communities.

The younger crowd may not be interested in those styles and the fact that it’s expensive. I’m a lolita and can easily spend almost $500 on a new release. Dress, headbow, socks, matching jewelry, add $90+ if I get a bag. I also can spend a lot when buying fairy kei clothing as well. These fashions are targeted towards mostly the teen crowd and I honestly don’t know how they can afford it.

I think that is one of the biggest factors, age. It’s not targeted towards the people who can afford it. I think you wouldn’t see these fashions die down if it was more acceptable for older people to wear them.

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