Beautiful Imperfections — Your thoughts, actions and being

This may sound as random as random can get but I have recently started to believe in the (underestimated) power of talking — just talking. Anything! Nonetheless, each one to his own.

We all have our favourite stories to tell. We all have those people who time and again listen to the same drama unfold every time we say the same story without even changing so much as our hand gestures. Haven’t your friends subjected you to this as well? When they start narrating their favourite 100-times-done-and-over stories with the exact sentiments and glint of joy in their eyes…

Recently I saw that video again. One which brought the very same tears to me the first time I saw it. ‘Tis funny how we still feel the same — the same excitement and the very same emotions and feelings every time we come across those beautiful imperfections life is made of. Like we know the exact depth of penetration in the eyes of the hero in question and yet long to see it again. Well, isn’t that the beauty of life itself? About how you can go back and live that moment? Be it through tears of joy or sadness, aren’t we living our memories again? Philosophers speak about living for the moment but what about this world that we are living in — which is paradoxically bound by memories of the past and uncertainties of the future?
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It is not about taming the human mind to think practically. That, according to me, is impossible. It is inherent that we think illogically. It is necessary that we talk irrationally, think the unwanted, question the necessary, fight for the forbidden and sometimes even forbid the mandatory. As oxymoronic as it sounds, in the words of Carl Jung, “What resists, persists”.

Letting it be a part in your system — a positive part. It is yours for you are the sole owner of your memory. Memories be it good or bad, circumstantial or by choice — the onus is the result of what your flesh and bones are made of.
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One of the my favourite profs. from MBA school told us about the ‘magical world’ of happiness which lies behind forgiving yourself. He spoke about how you need to forgive yourself first for going through an act in order to forgive the people who made it circumstantial for you to begin with. To speak about what you resist yourself from speaking about is the beginning of discovering yourself. To attain your ‘magical world’ is the beginning of empathizing with yourself.

One of my favourite quotes from Oscar Wilde — Man is the least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth #whattawiseman

Check out this video on Beautiful Imperfections

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