Bombay — Felt. And Left.

They say Mumbai is a city and Bombay is an emotion. No one understands this more than a Mumbaikar who has had to part with this emotion. And him, not more than a non-Mumbaikar who has had to part with it. Why so? It is euphemistic to having your one-day-old iPhone left back at home in a comparison to having lost it for good.

My relationship with Bombay started at the Lokmanya Tilak Terminus and ended at the Chattrapathi Shivaji Airport. Started with a degree in MBA and ended with a degree in life’s precious lessons mastered. What seemed like a culture shock initially ended up in me shocking my very self at the end of 2 not-so-academic years.

What is so awesome about one of the most overly crowded cities known to human race, also making dwelling grounds to the second largest slum in the world?
-The crazy mid nights hours? When people tell you Mumbai is a city that doesn’t sleep, believe them. Blindly.
-Town side? Sobo! Everyone’s favourite. I can’t give justice to the feel if i put it in words. If you haven’t been there, here is your checklist #Cafe Churchill #FrangiPani facing Marine Drive #Bade Miyaa Bhuna chicken and rumali roti #Badshah falooda #Trishna seafood
-The Bandra-Worli sea link? One of engineering’s finest! Memories of a Monsoon drive on the sea link never loses its spark.
-Chembur Gymkhana? Undoubtedly the best of its kind. If you don’t believe me, try their cheese chilly toast. Or better yet the caramel custard. Or the jacket potato. Or the chicken soup. Or the chef’s special pizzas. Ok *mouth zipped* And and and…the pan ice cream!!!
-5 Gardens? The evening walks to the sandwich wala and the innumerable late night street chinese dinners are just as wonderfully pleasant as it sounds.
-Fish Koliwada from the shadiest bar in Bombay? (Can you believe it? There are places shadier than the Jantas and the Yachts!!!)
-The shop-but-you-won’t-drop Linking Road? Let alone Irla and Hill Road. And let’s never get to Colaba Causeway.
-Paradise? Yes, there is a place called Paradise and it is literally Paradise.
-Or the cotton soft idli at Matunga’s Arya Bhavan? Which is my Reason Why I Love Mumbai #187

‘Tis simply all this and a 1000 more added with my seraphic bunch. Uhm. Yes. If Mumbai isn’t mine, then definitely a few Mumbaikars are.
It is true when people say home is where the heart is. I have found mine, lost it and found it again…because Mumbai isn’t my city but Bombay is my emotion ☺

The Bandra Worli Sea Link, Courtesy: Radeyyy

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