My 2013 Thanks Giving Note

So 2013 is over. Hmmm. Actions do speak louder than words (I swear it would have meant a lot to me to spend New Years eve with each one of you but am in Kochi this year — my little sister is getting married in a few days) and yet it is also the thought that matters — hence this thanks giving letter/year ending self note for this year.

For starters — Family. Where everything begins and ends. Thanks for making me who I am. Thanks for bringing me up until here. In the year to come, I hope to spend more time with all of you.

Appa & Amma: Thanks for everything. Every single blessing in my life has been directly because of you both.

Billu: Thanks for being the person you are. You are, hands down, the most respectable person I know.

Dheedi: Thanks for being the greatest gift to my family and the biggest support to Appa and Amma.

Lig Chech: Thanks for just being there. Thanks for making me feel I can always come to you. Being with you puts me in my zen mode — believe it or not.

Shajcha: Thanks for all good times I have had with you, during engineering and during my quick trips to Chalakudy. I love being around you. Yes, ok…thanks for your medicines too. You are the best daacter I know!

Bijcha: You are a lot like Billu. Thanks for being such a huge support. I don’t know what I would have done if it weren’t for you at many points in my life. And cheers to all the fun times we have.

Pappa and Mummy: For putting up with me and everyone else on the planet.

Dai: Thanks for all the pep talks and fun times.

Aby chaya: Thanks for being the best husband to Lig chech. You should know it means a lot to me to see her so happy. 25 years running and I can still see how happy she is when she talks about you. Hats off to that.

Kochi — from my roots to my guts, I owe it all to you.

Sala: Ayra is all I can think of. You’ve made me the luckiest and happiest aunt ever.

Jo: Will things never change? Platonic feelings aside, I have found my soul mate in you.

Hafzu: I can never be my self with anyone else the way I am with you. I am not going to thank you here because you are the only person who I needn’t say it to for you to know how grateful I am.

Palli: Thanks for being there. I love it how you tell me the right things and they are always the things I need to hear — just bang on! How do you do it???

Anju: Time and again, all it takes is that one convo to make me realise how much we’ve drifted apart and how unfair a deal that has been.

Sumi: Every time I meet you or talk to you, you rekindle my hope of innocence still persisting in this world. You are truly one of a kind.

Bombay. Enough has already been said.

Shank: Bombay starts and ends with you. All the best times and the bad times. All the love and the hate. Oh my, You are Me.

Raman: A day without talking to you feels so incomplete and thank Heavens for moulding me that way. Thanks for being my ‘true friend’ (Inside joke)

Snape: Where are you and why am I not with you right now : (

Damoo: Thanks for all the times you have never let me sleep. Thanks for all the pranks. Miss you so much. Hope my city treats you right — just the way your city treated me : )

Bittu: Thanks for being around whenever I have needed you, Bits. I love how I can connect with you. You and Shank should have been twins. It would have been an endless episode of fun and laughter.

Uncle and Aunty: My family in Bombay. I love every minute at Paradise and I can never get enough of both of you. Undoubtedly the cutest couple ever. Thanks for taking care of me like I am a part of the family. I can never repay you with deeds or words but if I could I promise to never let you down.

Rashiiiii: Thanks for being the cutest and sweetest person. Thanks for being your awesome self — always! Never a dull moment when you are around. Aru & Rosh: Cheers to all the fun times! Wish we didn’t have to part.

And finally Mohi: My dearest in Chennai and also one of the sanest, most caring and empathizing people I have come across. Thanks so much, love. Those endless talks about anything and everything — God save our souls : ) Miss you tonite.

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