Cryptocurrencies and ICO in the Cayman Islands: perspective and reliability

Island territory, allegiance to Britain, earned fame worldwide due to its powerful financial services industry. The key sectors here are not only banks, but also insurance with trust management. In addition, the legislative system of the Cayman Islands is reliable. All this factors also allowed to avoid any restrictions and the imposition of requirements regarding the crypto-business and ICOs.

Another advantage is the relatively low cost of servicing companies associated with cryptocurrencies and producing tokens. Thanks to this, the number of such organizations is only increasing. As for the peculiarities of the tokens produced in the Cayman Islands, they can be divided into three types: securities tokens, means of payment tokens, utility tokens.

The former are stocks, futures, options and other securities. With the second it is possible to pay for goods and services. Others make applications and digital services available. It is also advantageous that in the Islands there is no tax rate for any type of activity (only the stamp duty is mandatory, which is 7.5% and is levied on the sale or transfer of real estate).

It is obvious that the Cayman Islands can be considered an excellent place for the development of any financial institutions, hedge funds, large infrastructure projects and, of course, ICO-business with cryptocurrency investment funds.