International roaming is expensive

Literally two decades mobile communication was affordable to very few people. Today, a cell phone is a mandatory attribute of modern man. However, in the international market communication is still expensive which makes travelers during the trip to abandon the usual number. As a result people feel discomfort, having lost the usual service, and mobile operators lose customers and profits.

The emergence of blockchain technology means a new stage in the evolution of cellular communication. The team Bubbletone has developed an ecosystem which will cancel the roaming charges. Bubbletone Blockchain will allow regional mobile operators to enter the global market without complex and expensive technical integration, and accordingly to reduce the cost of international calls. In other words, the global Telecom market will become available for small and medium-sized operators.

Bubbletone Blockchain in Telecom

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We eliminate roaming and build a blockchain-based platform that connects mobile operators, service providers and end-users directly.

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