Bubby FAQ


What is Bubby?

Bubby is a tech enabled matchmaking app building a curated community of people united by a shared love of Jewish culture and values. Think a tech-enabled yenta for our members in the best cities around the world.

Why does Bubby require an application?

In order to provide the best experience, and employ the best technology to help make finding love personal, efficient and effective, we have decided to start with limited membership. Applications, reviewed by an anonymous committee, exist to ensure the quality of our membership and to maintain the ideal of a community rooted in shared values.

What does Bubby look for in a quality application?

​Each application is unique as it is a reflection of a persons individuality so there are no exact indicators of quality. That said, our approval committee is looking to ensure that each applicant shares the values of our community, fits our demographic and ultimately has a high quality profile both in terms of photos and content.

What are Bubby’s core values?

Bubby unites people with shared values to encourage old-school romantic values — respect, courtship, chivalry. Not to mention love of family, tzedakah, personal-growth, community and tradition. All of our members are expected to be respectful and kind.

How does Bubby work?

While traditional dating apps focus on expanding your dating pool, Bubby is based on the idea that narrowing your pool is far more productive. We curate the people you actually want to date, with the ultimate goal of finding true love. Over time Bubby gets to know you, understands more of what you’re looking for and is able to curate higher quality matches.

Why is Bubby different?

Bubby is not another dating app. Bubby is a curated community of people who are relationship ready, who share a love of Jewish culture and values, and are ready to invest in finding meaningful connection and partnership. Everyone you’ll meet on Bubby has been vetted and approved and are expected to abide by a clear Code of Conduct.

Why am I on the waiting list?

Don’t fret. We have a waiting list for a reason. We may not be live in your city, we may not be accepting new members at this time or perhaps we just don’t have enough current members in your demographic at this given moment. We try to keep our ratio even and our membership selective with an emphasis on growing by referral. If you are on our waitlist, we will reach out when we’re ready for you!

What if I experience a member being inappropriate on Bubby?

Bubby was created to avoid any chance of misconduct by creating a trustworthy community. However, if any member of our community does not adhere to our values of respect and chivalry, please let us know. We will investigate these incidents with a zero-tolerance policy.

Is Bubby in my city?

Bubby is currently in private beta in San Francisco and New York. If you want us in your city, go ahead and apply for membership! Once we reach critical mass in any of our approved cities, we’ll go live.