Dear Mum please join the club

We’re all in this together’. A sentence which recently made my day, week and month.

As a mum, some days are great, but some days are just tough.

It’s the moments when you have screaming toddlers hanging off your arm and leg and you’re yet to have a sip of coffee, it’s the meltdowns at the supermarket or even the projectile vomits over random public surfaces or people. It can be tough.

I myself have had moments, real moments of full depression. It can be dark at times, lonely and isolating, however just one random act of kindness can turn it all around and turn that tough moment into a great one.


The other day, I was having one of those days, where my only answer was to pile the boys in the car and turn up ‘Sing Baby Sing’ so loud that it settled them down and sent them to sleep BLISS! But the one thing that really made my day was when the neighbour (on seeing the boys racing around and me apologising for the noise), she simply smiled and said ‘Darling don’t worry. We’re all in this together’.

It was just a sentence, but it was said with warmth, sympathy and understanding. That’s all I needed. My panic and depression lifted and I was able to laugh about it with someone.

That’s when I realise that I wanted to start a club. A random act of kindness club.

At the moment I’m the only member however you’re welcome to join :) All we have to do is offer one random act of kindness each day to a fellow parent. Here are some suggestions to help us on our way -

1. When at the park, offer a random act of kindness. Ie. open the gate for a mum juggling four kids, kick back the ball, share some snacks etc.

2. Say hi to other parents with kids at the supermarket and share a knowing smile.

3. Offer to babysit for a friend one night so they can have a date night.

4. Spring clean and give away some toys.

5. Make a new mum a meal.

6. Before leaving a playdate, help clean up the toys and do the dishes.

Please remember that you never know what someone is going through. It may be our kindness which turns someones night into day.

Lots of ‘yes I get it’ vibes and hugs!

Kris x

P.s Here is the link to BEYOND BLUE, a beautiful organisation there to help you if the darkness is all too much — click HERE

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