The Essential Clothes to have in your closet

Dressing up for office has always been a challenge. Wearing a shirt, tie, and a suit everyday takes a well- organized wardrobe. Having the perfectly tailored suits ready at your disposal can make your dressing effortless. Like women, our modern men also give a lot of attention to their appearance. But the confusion about what to wear and what not to wear can be daunting for anyone. So, this guide will help you decide few essential suits and shirts you need to put in your closet. While many men struggle to find the right clothes and dress properly for work, with these three types of clothing, you can rest assured about what to keep in your closet.

1. Custom tailored Shirts- Your wardrobe must be well-balanced and should have suits that make you look your best. A well-fitted shirt is the most essential thing in a man’s wardrobe. Custom shirts and suits are designed to perfectly sit on your frame and complement your best attributes, and obscure the unflattering ones. You can choose from various colours, fabric and design. The best would be to get a dark, simple and dressy shirt that has the ability to get paired with any tie and pants. A well-tailored shirt will never be seen as underdressed or overdressed because it can be paired with a suit or simply with the custom tailored pants. Get couple of custom shirts with solid colours, attracting patterns and wearable fabric.

2. Custom Tailor Suits- Suits are other versatile clothes that are suitable for formal occasions, work and party. Find a fabric that has subtle nature, looks dressy and complements your body cut, and get it tailored with your measurement. Your custom tailor suits are interchangeable with the basic shirts, and can be paired with variety of combinations, from various patterns, solid shades and many more. Look for the sophisticated and subtle fabrics that are wearable on multiple days in a week. It will be wise to have at least 4 pair of custom tailor suits neatly arranged in your closet. Pair them with an attractive looking tie. These should be your work suit, the suit you need to wear with confidence.

3. Custom Wedding Suits- the third basic type of garment in your closet should be wedding suits. Wedding suits when tailored with your own measurement will add depth to your dressing. Choose a suit with bespoke design, subtle stripe and have a dressy look for the professional works as well. You can add checked suits; however you can replace them with striped or plain solid shirts if they suit your preferences. If you want to stand out in the wedding crowd- the custom wedding suits can be a great option. Custom suits are for the men looking to make an impression. Leading men and professional has all donned the suits that specially tailored according to their body cut, and preferable designs.

When it comes to custom suits, details matter a lot. So, your tailor is likely to consider every little thing and minute details will accentuate your shoulders, complement your body style and make you look all the more impressive. Have a look around the custom suits near you to find the broad scope of styling that custom suits offer.