Social Media Team Brief

The CSU Social Media team’s presentation was humble but engaging. They were all so organic in front of the class. They were modest about their work but spoke about it elegantly, and it was interesting to see how professional and clean they made social media seem. Everything is monitored intensely and with such deliberation. It really proved CSU’s sophistication in the social media world. I was surprised by the fact there were only 4 people and 1 intern on the team. It is such a big operation, but I guarantee they coordinate very closely with all aspects of CSU’s other organizations. The story about their student intern was also surprising because it showed that putting content out there with rhythm, consistency and effort has the potential to actually reach these platforms. I have a photography account on Instagram and frequently utilize hashtags and tag accounts, but it often feels like a reference made in class once: like echoing into the void. It’s also inspiring and refreshing to see their modern work being productive and beneficial, like the puppy series. I personally was at an event last year they brought the puppies to and it was easily one of my best days on campus.