The Article is Dead. Long Live the Article.
Jeff Jarvis

The Phantom of the Article is a Phoenix

Jeff Jarvis has done a nice take on the “death” of the article which we all must take heed to study. I’m particularly awed by this concept, because I have always believed that the new media channels of this century are truly revolutionary and shouldn’t just be a digital means to distribute old news systems and story structures. The very core of the systems behind many of our communication models have changed, and our models need to change also for us to truly harness the power of the internet as journalists.

Twitter is currently redefining the concept of breaking news in more ways than one, but unfortunately those of us trained in the field of mass communication have been slack in leading and guiding this revolution. Maybe we are too stuck on our old ways, scared of the changes these revolutions would force on us. The time has come however, for journalist and other media professional to lead and guide the narrative even as our tech compatriots refine and redefine the tools of our trade.

Like the mythical phoenix, the article as we know it might have to die to be reborn as something new and more relevant. Let us — the journalist — be the fire that consumes it, because only then can we raise it up to become all it was meant to be. Long Live journalism…Long live the article!

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