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Relaxing by the fire…sorta. lol!

The past week has been spent reflecting and resting after the hustle and bustle of Creative South 2017, all culminating in an amazing Easter weekend. God is so good! He is Risen!! Hope everyone had a great weekend enjoying quality time with their family and just kicking back.

Since 2011, I have had the honor of planning and executing Creative South. For those that are reading this for the first time, “CS” is our design conference held every second weekend in April, with three main purposes:

Build Community.

One of the most important goals of Creative South is to bring together designers from all over the world for one-on-one face time. We have conversations and interactions with our friends and peers online all day every day. What we need is more huggin’ necks and breakin’ bread with one another. So the thought was let’s give this community just that: a place to come, sit and have fellowship face to face. I believe this is one of the biggest draws for people each year. In fact when “First timers” ask me what the best way to not feel like a first timer, my first response is go have a meal with a group of people you don’t know. …



I Love Jesus, my sweet wife & kids, being creative, drawing, designing & Logos! Throw in sports & food, esp. good Southern BBQ - life gets no better! #Blessed

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