An erotica thriller book with a sensitive topic and a nail-biting mystery, it is as perfect as it sounds.

It’s is a fast paced psychological thriller by Nicholas Jordan. It has a story of two teenage girls, one is dead and other is accused.

A Contemporary Romance book by Himanshu Rai. It’s a story of a married couple and their sacrifice for love.

A contemporary fiction book by Anuj Tiwari. It talks about breakups, relationship, depression, heartbreak and dreams.

A fictional love story which has innocence of school romance and all the fun and craziness of college romance.

A contemporary romance book by Devanshi Sharma. It has a story of four young people who has a passion to follow in between their adversity.

The whole process of choosing the next Dalai Lama, and how he is reborn

Whenever Dev sees a nightmare, it becomes a god awful truth next day

A collection of short stories, nano tales, and few liners

The massacre and patriotism of Bangladesh’s citizens

Bucketful Read

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