The Country is Angry, Disgusted, Fearful and Divided

This long, twisting, deceitful shit-storm of a Presidential campaign has brought the country to this point. The Right blames Obama, Clinton and non-white people for the problems we face as a country. The Left has become a coalition of blacks, Hispanics and women seeking justice from the wrongs they say have been committed. And the rest of us are in between all of it, shaking heads and watching in disbelief.

I may not consider myself a “positive” person, but I do consider myself a rational and compassionate person. I’m willing to give listen to the complaints of both side and work to find some type of common ground to address our issues.

I fear we are beyond any semblance of compromise, however; of working together to address the issues that afflict our country. I believe we aren’t necessarily in decline, but rather in a “maintenance mode” where the country idles in neutral, waiting for the return of a savior or an era that exists only in our memories. We continue to hobble along battling over how to deal with immigration and taxes and gun rights and healthcare and national safety, and allow those issues to continue dividing us because neither side wants to give an inch in how to deal with the problems.

We are broken, but still functioning. The bells and whistles of our government no longer work in this country, and the basics keep getting band aid solutions because both sides refuse to come together to address corrections of the old problems or invest in new solutions.

The “I got mine” has taken hold, and I ain’t sharing with anyone thrives.

No wonder we are angry, disgusted, fearful and divided.

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