Dear Senator Gardner,

My name is Buck Heroux and I am a Colorado native raised in Colorado’s Second District. There are a few issues I would like to discuss with you in this letter in addition to the voicemail I left at your Washington DC number of 202–224–5941. I would like to ask you to consider some issues that I believe to be tantamount to the safety of Colorado communities as well as the integrity of our nation.

First I ask you to oppose the appointment of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education.

During her confirmation hearing, Senator Al Franken questioned her on what her thoughts of growth versus proficiency and it was clear that…

Illustration by Champa Lo

A few weeks ago, Uber posted an article detailing how they built their “highest query per second service using Go”. The article is fairly short and is required reading to understand the motivation for this post. I have been doing some geospatial work in Golang lately and I was hoping that Uber would present some insightful approaches to working with geo data in Go. What I found fell short of my expectations to say the least…

The post centered around how Uber built a service in Go to handle the problem of geofencing. The core of the geofencing problem is…

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