The “Perfect” app for personal finance

We all know staying on top of spending and managing money is not fun: it’s time consuming, boring and often not effective.

We wanted to change that.

One obvious solution is to use technology to simplify the process. But we think the real key is to make that experience fun, engaging and ultimately rewarding. Having users engaged is what many existing products have struggled to achieve. Here are a few reasons:

· Screens filled with charts and numbers. (Accountants love those.)

· The buttoned-down look and feel. (Where is the fun?)

· The “we-will-solve-it-all” approach that touches on everything from reminder of bill payment to picking the right life insurance. (Is it not complicated enough?)

We think a singular focus on personal spending management would be valuable. Similar to today’s businesses that rely on technology and analytics to ensure they get the best return on spending, consumers can benefit greatly from a highly intelligent “advisor”: one that is automatic and easy to use, knows the user’s individual circumstances, helps user learn the good money practices naturally, informs and helps user weigh different options for decision making, and ultimately helps user achieve his/her financial goals.

We also think people can benefit from having access to their trusted ones when it comes to manage their finances.

Long story short, we want to create something different. Come and see more of our ideas at or