On Reebok, Nike, and the CrossFit Community
Kevin Lavelle

While I think your assessment of Reebok’s affiliation with Crossfit is correct, I think your statement that Nike “decided for several years that paying attention to Crossfit customers was not worth their time or dollars” is probably inaccurate. Companies like Nike pay close attention to rising trends (such as Crossfit!) but remain planted firmly at the top of the food chain because they don’t rush in and waste money on what could eventually become another fad. More likely, Nike was closely monitoring the success of Reebok’s product line (which has proved wildly successful) before they chose to invest the time and money to create their own competing line. Either way, I think you’re essentially correct that first, Reebok took a chance on a growing sports community and won (but could have just as easily lost) and second, that Nike’s entrance into the fray is a positive step from a competition standpoint for avid Crossfitters.

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