Extreme and Super Extreme DUI in Arizona

Arizona has classified two different types of DUI in an effect to curb what it calls ‘Extreme’ and ‘Super Extreme’ DUI. Tempe DUI defense attorney Kyle T. Green explains the legal and financial ramifications of being convicted of Extreme and Super Extreme DUI.

Extreme DUI

In Arizona, anyone pulled over with a blood alcohol content of more than .15 percent and less than .20 percent can be charged with Extreme DUI. If it sounds serious, that’s because it is. Those charged face a mandatory 30 days in prison and the installation of an ignition interlock device on the first offense. There are also fines and fees totaling over $2700 for the first offense and $3700 for the second.

Super Extreme DUI

Any blood alcohol reading that measures .20 or more leads to a charge of Super Extreme DUI. This charge comes with a minimum 45 days in prison for the first offense and 6 months along with a one year drivers’ license revocation for the second. Fines and fees start at $3250 and can be upwards of $4500 for a second arrest. If sentenced to prison, those convicted will be responsible for jail costs which could amount to over $13,000.

While these severe penalties are aimed to help deter drunk driving, the most important reason not to is safety. Drunk driving kills thousands of people each year — many of whom are innocent collateral damage.

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