Poornima Nayar's blog: I am an Umbraco MVP!
Poornima Nayar's blog: I am an Umbraco MVP!

For Episode 117 of the #MVPbuzzChat interview series, I spoke with Developer Technologies MVP Poornima Nayar (@PoornimaNayar), an independent .Net Developer, two-time Umbraco MVP (an open source CMS platform), and active speaker and community member based in Slough, England. Poornima is passionate about learning new technologies and keeping herself up-to-date with the latest developments in technology. Outside her work, Poornima enjoys music and is undergoing training in Indian Classical music.

In this episode, Poornima and I discuss her involvement in the community and how it helped her achieve her Microsoft MVP, the impact of the pandemic on her local community…

I’m labeling January as drinking-from-the-fire-hose-month. Or maybe quarter. Between the new gig, AvePoint’s rapid growth (we’re hiring!), and preparing to go public in the coming weeks, there is so much going on behind the scenes. I’ve not had the time to work on some of the content that I had been hoping to publish, but as I adjust to the meeting schedule and partner discussions that fill each and every day, I’ll find my footing again with the content and you’ll see more published here.

Until then, here is my short-but-sweet entry for this past month’s content activities:

AvePoint Webinar

One of the recurring themes that we have covered in the #CollabTalk tweetjams over the past 9 years has been governance — and specifically, the need for proactive community management as part of your broader governance strategies. For this month’s tweetjam, we focused on the topic of The Need for Community Management and Governance and had another amazing panel of 36 experts, MVPs, and RDs join the discussion. We had some solid stats, with 268 tweets, 1.78 million impressions, and reaching 199.45k profiles. You can check out the full stats for the event at https://link.tygraph.com/CollabTalk

Following the tweetjam, I was…

We hear the phrase “Digital Transformation” being used by consultants and software vendors, but what does it really mean to digitally transform your business?

With digital transformation, organizations attempt to reinvent the way they engage with customers, optimize operations, and empowering employees. True transformation means examining all of your existing business activities, process, and workloads and how technology impacts them today — and where the latest technology can further improve, enhance, and optimize. However, in our current business climate, requirements can change rapidly — and many companies are unable to adjust and iterate during this transformation cycle.

One of the…

Moving from a large SharePoint ISV a few years back into the consulting world, many of my customer conversations turned toward content and intellectual property (IP) development, and how to help them foster a culture of innovation within their organizations. It’s not a new problem. I remember sitting in the cafeteria with a fellow group manager while I was working at Microsoft, talking about the differences between what we agreed was a star employee and the rest of her team, and whether we could train or encourage the rest of the team to aspire toward that goal.

In Paul Culmsee

The #MVPbuzzChat interview series was created as a way for me to get to know other MVPs within the community — especially those outside of my own concentration (Office Apps & Services). The series is open to any current Microsoft MVP or Regional Director (RD), and includes a video interview via my YouTube channel, the CollabTalk Podcast, and a supporting blog post.

Here is the current list of interviews:

We held the 10th webinar today in the Office 365 Productivity Tips series with myself and Tom Duff (@duffbert), and here is a quick summary blog of the latest episode that we called ‘New Year Brouhaha’ with links to each tip.

If you’ve not yet caught one of our live sessions or participated in our webinars, our template is straightforward: we share 10 different productivity tips from across the entire Office 365 platform and Microsoft Office productivity suite across 5 rounds of head-to-head productivity matchups. Neither of us know ahead of time what will be presented by the other, and…

Christian Buckley

Microsoft RD & MVP, Microsoft GTM Director @AvePoint, community igniter under the #CollabTalk brand, collaboration expert, new wave music fan, #Zune

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