Moving to a Less Expensive City to Buy a House Isn’t Always the Best Idea
Nicole Dieker

I assumed people knew that “Move somewhere cheaper” meant “not Detroit.” But I kid.

I am a little perturbed that they bought the house by liquidating HER $35k retirement accounts when he still had $110k in his. And they borrowed $115k from her family and his family chipped in appliances. Seems really risky for her and her relatives, and the article mentions they are not wealthy.

Also, it seems that the couple based their cost assumptions on the previous owners’ hunch — not actual estimates (and she says she’s a contractor’s daughter so why not get estimates?). Even if the owners were right , they knew going in that they would need to liquidate his entire retirement account to make the house livable and the best case scenario is mid/late 40’s with no money and no retirement in a house in a bankrupt city.

Did they do all this just to write a book?

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