When Your Biggest Financial Gambles Are Your Best Life Decisions
Kimberly Lew

these two decisions — to go to NYU and to move into the studio apartment — cost me over $40,000.

I figured the cost to attend NYU for 2 years over the cost of staying at UGA would have been at least $70k (conservatively $1k more per month living, $5k for London and probably $20k/year tuition assuming deep discounts?) and the cost to live alone — maybe $1k more per month as well? So if the total cost was just $40k on these 2 decisions, rather than $100k, maybe that’s a steal. It changes the whole calculus. I definitely think these decisions would be a mistake at $100k.

But if I were your mother, I wouldn’t argue but I wouldn’t give you any money either. =P

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