1%er Writes Open Letter To Mayor About How He Has To See Poor People
Ester Bloom

That letter didn’t seem real to me. Like who writes to the mayor and specifically states what restaurant he was eating at? And who would admit to eating at Tadich Grill except someone painting a picture of himself as a terrible human being? But I’m not from SF so maybe this is normal.

Obviously, if this guy is real, he’s a douche. However, the people on the street in SF are aggressive. I don’t feel safe walking around by myself there. And if a man ran into the front of a theater, that’s very scary. There are real problems that should be addressed but probably won’t because of the (deserved) vitriol towards this letter writer.

Like some of the other commenters, I was confused that he was labeled a 1%er merely because of his entitlement. Being an entitled douched doesn’t mean you earn $450k/year.