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The Future of Teamwork

After years of study, dozens of organizational transformation projects, and six months of focused development and iteration, we are proud as hell to share our model for the future of teamwork: FLOX.

FLOX is a holistic system to organize and guide your teams. It’s simple, flexible, and lightweight.

Why We Created FLOX

The world is a fundamentally changed place, yet the way we work is designed for a bygone era. FLOX empowers your team’s creativity and capability in the face of constant change, rampant uncertainty, and sky high expectations.

Emerging models (e.g. Holacracy) actually harm the teams they’re meant to help due to their rigid dogma, reliance on consultants, and absolute lack of a customer focus. FLOX was designed to be lightweight (so that the work of organizing never supplants your team’s actual work), flexible (so that your team can adopt and adapt it to your needs), and customer-centered (so that you can connect your work to its ultimate impact in the world). Moreover, we’re publishing everything we know so that more teams can trial FLOX without our direct involvement.

There is no single source of new ways of working that your team can search and trial. We know this because a few months back we surveyed you and that’s what you told us. aims to become the Wikipedia for new ways of working, so your team can find and trial practices that suit your unique collective needs.

The Simple Mechanics of FLOX

FLOX is composed of just 3 building blocks:

  1. Simple Rules that provide guidance and focus
  2. Simple Habits that turn those rules into collective action
  3. A growing body of practices, sourced from best-in-class teams, that you can trial and adapt for your team

The Two Simple Habits of a FLOX Team:

  1. Flocking — when you launch a new team or project, this session helps you co-create your initial strategies, structures, and systems
  2. Steering — monthly, this session helps your team adapt itself to ultimately steer toward the four rules of FLOX

The Four Simple Rules of a FLOX Team:

  1. Steer Toward Your Customer — Serve the needs of an external or internal customer
  2. Steer Toward Alignment — Foster effective cross-communication and collaboration
  3. Steer Toward Autonomy — Empower safe-to-fail risk taking without interference
  4. Steer Toward Simplicity — Reduce and resist unnecessary complexity

Where To Learn More

To dive into FLOX and learn more about adopting and adapting it to your team, visit

What to do on the platform:

  1. Review the basics of FLOX: 2 habits, 4 rules.
  2. Learn how we kickoff FLOX teams and how those teams then iterate themselves based on their internal and external environment.
  3. Dive into what’s only the beginning of a pool of resources to help your team be its most creative and capable.
  4. Give us feedback and contribute your ways of working.
  5. Request a team consultation so that we can accelerate your team’s transition.

This is Just the Beginning

While we’re excited, know that this is just the first moments of what we hope will become a growing movement toward more creative and capable teams. We promise to continue to add resources to the site, to evolve the model, and to communicate with transparency throughout the process.

Lastly, Sharing is Caring

A plea: Everyone at team NOBL has contributed countless hours to get this out, including this entire weekend. If you would, please share FLOX far and wide with your colleagues, friends, and followers:

The future of teamwork is FLOX.

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