Buddhist Geeks Death Poem

Yes, Buddhist Geeks is Dead! Long Live Buddhist Geeks!

Unabashedly in love with the Ancient Buddhaway
All things arise and they pass away.

Exploring the Convergence
of Buddhism, Culture, & Technology.

Hybrid Inquiries continue
From Buddhist Hippies to Buddhist Geeks

Enlightenment Engineering,
Mapping the Mindful Brain,
Discussing Contemplative Technology,
All Digital Dharma Gates.

But liberating dharmas from themselves
are what the highest dharmas do.

Exploring the Divergence reveals the question:
Who is teaching who?

When our position becomes groundless,
Identities in free-fall-flux-flow,
Not knowing is the only sane response
to a world that’s in the throes.

But the good news friends,
is that birth follows death!

Evolution always finds new roads
Life includes birth and death.

Unbundled and reconstituted
in new and different forms,
Buddhism is merely a name for that
which is constantly being reborn.

-Vincent Horn

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