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Chaining up the beautiful places like Horton Plains, Adara Kanda and Bambarakanda, Wangedigala lies above all of them at one side of the Colombo-Badulla main road. This is a famous stop among the hikers in Sri Lanka because of the naturally made camping site on top of it. The name ‘Wangedigala’ may be originated from the rock in the shape of a mortar (or Wangediya in Sinhala) on top of the mountain.

The famous Bambarakanda Falls also lies nearby. The route leading to the Wangedigala separates in about 2 km from the main route leading to the falls. From there, we can only see Bambarakanda Falls getting away from us. Wangedigala route starts with a nice water flow that will provide a perfect start for a hike. This flow is only about 1–1.5 meters deep. There are several routes to reach the top. All starting from near the water flow.

Trail from Kalupahana Junction to Wangedigala

Our Trip

We had a fresh start by dipping ourselves in the water and the Wangedigala route was also starting from there. We got to know there were two routes starting from there but at the start we didn’t know that.

Talking about the routes, the easiest of the routes will be the one going to the left. It avoids most of the jungle and slopes. Mostly the route runs through the pines which are on the left side of the mountain. The other one which runs to the right goes through the jungle. Providing a good jungle hiking experience, it runs through a slightly swampy area plus slopes and rocks. This route joins the other route about 300m below the top.

It took about 4–5 hours to reach the top of the mountain. There was the famous rocky top there. Also on one side of the top there was a huge area to camp there including several rocks and ropes used and left by previous campers. We could see the whole Bambarakanda Falls and its mountainside on one side of us. Also the main road we were travelling was also there visible with several towns like Bagathale and Haputhale. Everywhere were mountains and distant clouds thanks to the sunny weather.

View of the Bambarakanda falls on the way to the top
Wangedigala rock and the sunrise

Wangedigala is not actually the top of the mountain range that it is on and the last stop. There is Gonmolliya, the top which is in the shape of a back of a bull, visible to and lying ahead of the camping site. The shape and the look of Gonmolliya invited us to climb it at once.

Travelling to Wangedigala

There are some things that can be mentioned as dos and don’ts if you are ever planning to go for a hike on Wangedigala. Please consider that this is from the perspective of a group of people who just occasionally do hiking.

  • Travel light-weighted. Because the less you take, the more you enjoy the beautiful hike.
  • Take drinking water and food as much as you can. Because there are no water flows at the top. Even in the rainy season, there is only a small water flow on top of the mountain.
  • Don’t take polythene or plastic and leave it there because there is enough of that already.
  • Try to be happy of what stuff you get if you are making fire on top. Don’t destroy the little number of trees on top.
  • There is no sanitary facilities on top so you are on your own.
  • Don’t forget to take enough photos because the area is really beautiful :)

Happy Wangedigala hiking!

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