I found this article insightful, but I had one concern.
David Varley

David: I have been embarrased by making an assumption once which turned out to be completely wrong. As such, i can understand how easy it is for people to leap to false interpretations of others behaviors.

Like the author of the article that you comment on i also worked at a University Health Center. I was 38 yo at that time and still single when i was misjudged.

I was ( and still am ) quite liberal in my thoughts & actions.

I volunteered my service in my communities Planned Parenthood Clinic for example.

In my University practice i saw many Gay students who chose to see me for my aid. At one such visit, by a Gay couple, one of the fellows related that a fellow Gay guy, who was “in the closet” in a fraternity on campus wanted to know if i would be his guest at his fraternities upcoming social function. I said to tell him Yes, however only if i could also bring my fiance ( a female ).

Both guys flashed looks of startled and utter disbelief. Given their assumptions it was obvious to me that all three guys accepted their misjudgement that i also was Gay.