The insufficiency of self-care
Laura Turner

Laura: FYI Re. Anxiety Disorder…

I participate in discussion groups. 3 R rather formal & 2 R informal at a group lunch or dinner.

That leads me to scan a lot of App data in order to latch on to topics of potential interest for discussion at group times.

Recently, I came across a mention that there is a genetic cause for some 25% of teenagers to develope anxiety as the enter the teen period of life.

As i recall, & this may not be 100% accurate, this has to do with a sort of misfunction of a gene referred 2 as FAAH (?).

Possibly your situation? If so, time may come to your rescue if & when gene modification or replacement technique might treat UR situation.

U might consider a computer search about the above to possibly enhance my admittedly sketchie info above.