Bad medicine

Maryana: Replace Homeopathy products in your writing with “Supplements” & in my opinion you could vertually use your exact same text to write the “Supplements” story.

For example, “Amazon” sale of a supplement called Na Butyrate which is hawked in plain gelatine capsules. When i access research articles, by legitimate researchers, i have found that they use ENTERIC COATED Na Butyrate dosages in their study protocol.

The seemingly important butyrate actions take place in the large colon. To get down to that intestinal level, when taken by mouth, the butyrate dose needs the enteric coating protection.

With the uncoated gelatine capsule the butyrate is released when the plain gelatine capsule dissolves before it gets down to the large colon.

However since the Na Butyrate does have a rather unpleasant odor I have little doubt that that odor alone has the potential to induce a rather profound placebo action for the supplement taker.