People who have a tough life are more likely to help others, because they have empathy.
Sophie Grillet

You sound very altruistic and is commendable, which is why I liked your article. However, there are some points. We all know about fossil fuel and the downside, but move too swiftly and all the flow on jobs are gone. What takes its place? The rich do give, millions in fact, they are called philanthropists, some give more than others, true. War machine, very expensive but while we depend on oil, and basically the whole economy based on it, self interests will prevail, and again flow on jobs rely on it. No jobs, no work no pay. What takes its place? Plus the need to defend ourselves, history is full of examples. The poor can be just as mean as those we perceive in the rich, it’s call self preservation, very often feeding off each other. It’s called human nature. It would take more than a single warhead to pay for the unfortunate sick. It’s a bottomless pit world wide. Life can be unfair and certainly not equitable, and there are too many of us to all have the same size of the cake. Just a thought, and name a few. Rid ourselves from the love of money and we have a chance, get rid of money, period, a big chance, but what takes its place?