A call to action: your fat friend is going it alone.
Your Fat Friend

Ehh. I hope I’m responding in the right place…

Got a link to this on twitter. I, for one, am with you. My struggles are different from yours; my battles are different from yours. But some of what I face is the same, and sometimes it manifests in other ways. All that to say that I’m with you and know, somewhat, what you’re feeling, because I’ve felt similarly. Having a disability is, in its own way, as isolating. The need to put on a face, the expectation to be smiling and grateful and cheerful (or be labeled that angry unpleasant ungrateful etc. etc. blind guy) is very real. That feeling you get when you get stranded somewhere because the taxi driver doesn’t want your dog in his car. Yep. So…you feel alone, it’s a lonely bit, but believe me when I tell you, you‒re not.

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