Prague Walk… you don’t even understand how much Prague rocks

After our month-long vacation in Split, it was SO nice to be in a real city again! Sometimes referred to as a big village, Prague is small enough not to be overwhelming, but large enough to offer everything one might be searching for. This city has an insane history of fighting in wars, being overrun by Nazis and the Soviet Union. This history is felt by the buildings, statues, and even the people.

An actual city with actual things! (By Reshma)

One thing we missed since leaving the States is a city where things are convenient. Convenience is something that we take for granted in the US — quick service at a restaurant, uber drivers who will take you to the correct destination, and Indian/Mexican/Vegetarian food that doesn’t suck!

Traveling seems glamours but basic things can take HOURS. We’ve spent HOURS trying to find something as simple as contact solution or cilantro. Numerous times I just want a Duane Reade or Target to solve all my problems. But alas, Prague was a great place to live because we’re used to city vibes and it made life a little easier.

Operation Anthropoid (By Rahul)

A big eye-opener for me was watching a movie called Operation Anthropoid. Operation Anthropoid is about an operation that took place after Nazi Germany took control of Prague in the 1940s. The president of Prague fled the country and put together a team of soldiers to parachute back into Prague and assassinate a high ranking Nazi official who was in charge of keeping Prague in line.

Long story short, these assassins were successful, but the torture that Prague had to endure during the Nazi search for these assassins ended up showing the world how fucked the Nazis really are and encouraged the world to come together and help fight against the Nazi occupation.

In the US, we really don’t give much of a shit that happened unless we can make a political statement out of it, but real moments have gone down here. Prague was fucked over for decades but is now a destination for assholes to have their bachelor/bachelorette parties and is home to some of the dopest clubs in the world. The people here don’t take any of that for granted. The locals are known for having a dark, twisted sense of humor, but when you live in a place where you don’t know who to trust… can you blame them?

That being said, this place is so much fun because you realize that things can go sour at any moment, so enjoy while you can.

This month, we did some stuff…

Went on a beer bike tour, visited a cat cafe, had our 100 day celebration, learned about urban beekeeping, Rahul got another Salesforce certification, got TGIFridays, had lunch in a crane above the city, went on an art tour, visited the wine festival at the Prague Castle, built a garden for a children’s community center, visited a speakeasy, got the yellow fever vaccine, had weekly Indian food dinners with our roommates, ate all the Trdlnek (chimney cake), went to board games bars, had ALL the beer, made linoleum prints, went to the opera, saw my old high school/study abroad friend and her new husband and took a few side trips….


Rahul & Reshma