365 Days in Durham | Day 3

Having watched both Fed Up and The Culture High in the last week, I am even more convinced that the United States is run by psychopaths.

The two aforementioned documentaries, the first about nutrition, the second about marijuana and drug use, present the history of the standards for both industries and the reason for the current landscape.

Without spoiling either film, what is going on with this country?! I thought I understood the marriage between corporate greed and political agenda, but we are so far down the rabbit hole, it is hard to know where it all begins and ends.

It is not about what is right and wrong. The narrative, scripted by organizations and individuals far more influential, dictates how so many of us decide or allow ourselves to be governed.

The same can be said for gun control (although I cannot speak on the topic until I have subjected myself to at least one Netflix documentary). No amount of legislation will curb the deep rooted idea that we absolutely must have guns in this country, regardless of the consequences.

On the contrary, marijuana has proven to be a powerful medicinal tool, yet the narrative continues to prevent further progress towards legalization.

Perhaps I am naive.

Or perhaps our government and major corporations are both full of SOBs.