Advantage of Using Fake Security Cameras

The use of fake security cameras has become a very famous witty means of deterring crimes. The moment burglars or other criminals see that there is a surveillance system installed at their targeted place, they will simply choose to look elsewhere for a new target. Think about it. Why will they even take the risks of robbing a shop which could have been installed with surveillance cameras? Surely, it would be much easier not to mention safer for them to look for a place without visible evidences of surveillance.

The Wonders of Fake Security Cameras

Most of today’s fake security cameras or also called imitation cameras or dummy cams resemble the real ones to much that even trained eyes will not be able to tell that they are indeed nothing but imitations. You can now find a lot of bullet shaped simulated cameras which are commonly installed outside on an exterior wall. You can also find some dome-shaped dummy cams which are typically installed indoors in drop ceiling. A few speed dome cameras can also simulate the kind of high power professional cameras that are being used in parking lots of most shopping malls and department stores.

Features of Dummy Cams

When purchasing fake security cameras, there are several important features that you have to consider. There are models which are equipped with a blinking LED in order to make it seem like a working camera. Models with blinking LED will need batteries and you will have to replace these batteries every several weeks or so.

You can also find some models which have fake cables which really resemble the cables of actual functioning surveillance cameras. These cables can give further appearance of actual cameras, not to mention that these are also more convincing in the eyes of potential criminals targeting a certain property.

Benefits of Using Fake Surveillance Cameras

There are some benefits that you can enjoy when you use fake security cameras. The very first advantage is the price. Dummy cams have prices which range from as low as $15 to around $45. The real functioning cameras can start anywhere from $50 to as much as several hundred dollars if you want the full featured models.

Another major advantage of fake cams is the ease of installation. Since they lack cables, all you need to do to install the cam is to mount it to your ceiling or wall. The process of installation is literally as easy as hanging a picture frame.

In businesses, the most obvious benefit of fake cameras is that these can help deter crimes. Also an added bonus for business owners is the enhanced efficiency of employees and improved customer service. Aside from that, employees who are working under security will usually increase patrols and they also tend to become more vigilant when they believe that there are surveillance systems that are watching them. Finally, fake security cameras give employees a good sense of security and this in itself can already ward off any possible criminal acts and behavior.

Downsides of Fake Cameras

The use of fake security cameras, however, also has its own set of disadvantages. The most obvious downside is that these cameras do not really work so there is no way for you to record or monitor any activity. In case of an accident, you will not have anything to present to the authorities. On top of that, hardened criminals don’t care if you have surveillance cameras or not. Dummy cameras will only be able to deter those who are probably newbies in committing a crime.