Personal Music Collection with Steaming music

I was called music lover since I was in grade 10. I was introduced to a word of digital music by the first generation of iPod which was completely new experience for me. I keep using these types of device many years that make my music collection keep growing with the device remain storage until Apple introduce a new type of phone call iPhone. This change the way music was with music function on the phone but smaller capacity. Until one day my life was harder when my lovely iPod video life came to an end and my country can offer me only iPod Touch with 16GB of storage instead of my old one. Without choice, I choose to buy the latest version of iPhone which is the same music function as iPod touch.

My Personal Music Collection from Start

Until one day I was introduced to streaming music service call Spotify but the service is not much attention to me due to limited access to only US resident. My dream of music lover like me keeps fading until one day apple was introduce streaming music which is available in Thailand and include Thai song which is 70 percent of my music collection in it this was fantastic to me. I feel like a fish that replaced the pond with cleaner water. The service was real frustration in the first place due to harder to understand its function.

Apple Music “For You Page”

So, I keep using my own music collection in offline and still not subscribe it until I met a marketing content name “The All-New Apple music” which is story that takes place in the apple office that James Corden was in the meeting which discusses about function of the streaming music which is Apple style of marketing. But this video content, which random generate to me in my personal YouTube. This because I use about more than 80 percent of my YouTube account listen to music and watch a music video.

This marketing content is completely effective to music lover like me because it mixes of story that make me fantastic like story about James Corden storytelling of his creation which blends into the function like a personal playlist that also able to generate more by Apple music service. This story has critically hit me in the scene that James Cordon drive a car into the desert and give a music thirsty child his iPhone. This scene emotion was funny and stop me to continue watching this content until the end I was realize that all the story in this content was about offline music function that is better and available in Apple Music Streaming service.

A Screen Shot From Youtube which is left is the Scene about thirsty child and the right is about meeting

When the Content is end, I start to browse more on the site to see it new design function on its website and start to subscribe it even my free trial is completely gone with frustration in the first version of it. Now a day I can say that new version of Apple music is filling my music lover life again with more than imagine music collection.

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