Day 11

I cannot believe it is day 11 of the holiday.

Aunty was actually nice to me yesterday she came home early from work to put on my coat as it turned really cold, I thanked her by trashing her bed and playing chasey around and around the house with Marley (there was nothing else to day as it was to cold outside). Marley and I were exhausted afterwards.

Cold and exhausted
See she is not just dumb, but evil as well, look at the EVIL EYE

So I discovered another evil entity in the garden and before I could attack it Aunty came outside, so I froze and stood still like the evil entity that I was sending to hell, Aunty could not tell it was me….

No one can tell it is me ha ha…….

So late last night when Marley and I were gently playing together, Marley tried to kill me. She did really and truly, it was horrible. My life force was draining away, I felt feint, dizzy and light headed as my blood slowly seeped from my poor broken body.

My life force darining away……

I DID NOT as Aunty suggests scrape my polyp on her bed when I was rough housing on it. I did bleed all over it though ha ha…. She did bathe it for me though……

Until tomorrow WOOF WOOF…………………………………..